“I truly understand that readily available, healthy plant-based meals on-the-go are hard to find. I’m on a mission to catalyse a system change to make nutritious plant-based food accessible and affordable for all.”


Tayla Ayshford is an Australian entrepreneur who lives and advocates for a healthy balanced lifestyle. Tayla recognised very quickly the profound differences in her health, skin, energy and body composition when transitioning to a plant-based diet. Friends and family were often turning to her for health and lifestyle related advice, which is where she advocated the benefits of a plant-based diet. On a flight home from Melbourne in 2020, she stood in the food court at Melbourne Airport looking for a pre-flight meal to see her through her flight home to Sydney. Annoyed at the lack of availability of plant-based meals available when travelling or when requiring an on-the-go option, Tayla decided she needed to do something about it.

It was this moment where the concept of Botanic Hub began to develop. She realised the exponential increase in people consuming more plant-based products, actively trying to reduce the consumption of animal products and being more aware of environmental sustainability. It was at this time that lockdown in Australia had begun, thus giving Tayla more opportunity to work on this project and connect with people who before this may not have been previously accessible.

Tayla had a strong interest in celebrity chef, author and educator Matthew Kinney who specialises in plant-based cuisine. It was through further research she stumbled across and reached out to world renowned chef, Kasper Christensen who had previously worked alongside Matthew Kinney. Kasper who has cooked for the Danish Royal Family brings a wealth of knowledge to Botanic Hub and a plethora of experience from his work in some of Australia’s premium establishments such as Sydney Opera House, Ovolo Hotels, Noma Restaurant and Quay Restaurant. The pair worked closely together on the menu creation, recipe formulation and testing of each product. She simultaneously began delving into the innovation world, educating herself on what technology was available and gaining a better understanding of the type of technology that would be required to further develop her concept. It is at this point that Botanic Hub trust began coming to life.