Botanic Hub is on a mission to share the power of better health by making chef curated, plant-based meals as accessible as an ATM. We’re here to help you thrive with a diverse range of sustainably packaged, ready-to-eat on-the-go whole food plant-based bowls, bites and beverages. Working with Executive Chef Kasper Christensen, each meal has been created and tested to maximise taste and variety, drawing upon inspiration from a range of country cusines. Our nutrient dense products are served in recyclable mason jars and sold from conveniently located Hubs, accessible 24 hours, 7 days a week. Our Hubs make plant-based food accessible and affordable. It is the underlying weight scale technology built within the Hub that provides an easy, autonomous consumer experience.

Just like opening your fridge at home, consumers can open our Hubs, view each product, see the ingredients, choose their desired meal and pay with the insert of their card. 

What makes Botanic Hub unique is not only our delivery mechanism but the creation of our meals. Scientifically layered, not vacuum packed and with no heating required, our products are fresh and ready-to-eat on-the-go. Our products will have a “Donate By Date” allowing any unsold food that is not up to our high standards of selling, but has not yet reached its expiration, to be donated. Working with local charities we are helping to feed community members in need.


The Fundamental Building Blocks of Botanic Hub

  • Our products are created based on the science behind a whole food plant-rich diet for optimal health. Using ingredients from local partners to maximise nutritional properties and freshness. Each bite provides the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibre the body requires to thrive.

  • Our Hubs were designed to make healthy, plant-based foods accessible and affordable for all. Providing access to healthy meals 24/7. We work together with local charities to reduce food waste by donating any unsold meals to help feed community members in need.

  • Drawing upon a range of country cuisines, each product has been created by world-renowned chef, Kasper Christensen, to ensure maximum flavour and diversity. We create our meals utilising whole food plant-based ingredients, scientifically layered to provide a restaurant quality meal on-the-go.

  • By helping individuals include more plant foods in their diets, we are assisting the community’s transition to more sustainable eating whilst simultaneously improving your health . Our packaging is recyclable and designed to be the best option for our customers and the environment, supporting the planet at every step.


Breakfast, Bowls, Bites and Beverages. 

We’re ready to Share the Goodness.